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Architectural sales models have one main purpose: to sell, which is why our point-of-sale model making skills are called upon time and again. Our multi-house models give prospective buyers the chance to see how an entire future development will look, clearly demonstrating contouring, individual house style, plot size and location within the site.

We can construct architectural models with keypad identification to allow buyers to quickly locate specific plots within a development – particularly useful on medium to large multi-house sites.

“Impressive, the professionalism and quality of the architectural models produced by Right Angle Models, on time and within budget… the sales models are instrumental in securing sales”. — Sarah Pearce of Taylor Wimpey Homes



Our architectural planning models are designed to convey architects’ ideas quickly, clearly and accurately. Planning models are dimensionally and topographically accurate whilst omitting the finer detail of sales models. They provide clients with a cost effective option and enable quick remodelling if ideas evolve or if planning issues require changes.

If you need a planning model that will alleviate objectors’ concerns over issues such as privacy invasion, window positioning, ridge heights and more, we can help.

“As an architect, Right Angle’s planning models are invaluable. They have without doubt assisted a positive outcome for a number of complicated and contentious applications. They are professional, reliable and affordable… highly recommended.” — Stuart Hemingway of Hemingway & Cumbo Architects



Helen heads our CGI service producing high quality and very accurate digital renderings of proposed developments, perfect for publicity brochures, presentation material and billboard banners. She recognises the importance of siting the proposed development sympathetically in relation to the local environment.

Helen has spent a lot of time developing her own realistic and unique textures and materials for the surrounding landscape, which serve to soften the development and blend it in with its environment, adding to the realism of the overall image.

Please do get in touch because we think you’ll find our 3D visualisation service both affordable and accessible, and meeting tight deadlines is our speciality.



If you have a model that’s a bit worse for wear or in need of an update, we can fix it for you. Even if it’s a model that we’ve not built ourselves or isn’t an architectural model, that’s not a problem. We cover all aspects of model making, and employ the same level of expertise, care and attention to restoration as we do when building a new model.

So if you have an existing model that is in need of a little TLC please give us a call. We are much more affordable than you might think, especially compared to the larger model making companies in the area.


Our in-house laser cutter is state of the art and not surprisingly we are increasingly being approached by design and industrial companies to help them produce prototype models (not necessarily houses or buildings). The laser cutter is the perfect tool for creating very intricate component parts and ideally suited for small production runs of duplicate parts.

So please do give us a call if you think we might be able to help, and if we can’t we will at least be able to point you in the right direction.

About Us

We are model makers with a stunningly simple approach: we listen, we understand, we deliver. We create models that do exactly what is expected of them: accelerate off-plan selling and portray the proposed development in the best possible light. Our ever-expanding list of prolific architects and developers demonstrates just how well this approach works and how trusted and reliable we have become.

We’re here to help you sell your ideas and vision to your audience. Our skilled team of model makers have years of industry experience enabling us to produce exceptional quality in very short timescales. Our architectural models fulfil and often exceed expectations. Nothing can beat that.

“Right Angle’s model has been a key sales tool, thanks to the quality of workmanship and attention to detail.” — Stuart Dent, Kier Living

Key to achieving this level of quality is establishing a good working relationship with you from the onset right through to delivery and model presentation. Our models are constructed using a combination of modern laser cutting and 3-D printing, and more traditional model-making techniques. This blend of old and new enables practically every conceivable architectural detail to be achieved. Our models also come with a durable display case and a high quality wooden stand if required.


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