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Privacy Policy / Terms & Conditions

This privacy policy sets out how we use and protect any information that you give us when you use this website.

We take your privacy seriously. So that means we’ll only collect your name and email address along with any other information you share with us in the contact form. We’ll protect that information as closely and carefully as we protect our own and will never ever share it unless forced to do so by the governing law or jurisdiction of England & Wales.

We will treat your information with discretion, confidentiality, integrity and respect. We’ll also handle it in line with the requirements of the Data Protection Act, just for good measure. If you ever want to know what information of yours we are storing, please drop us a line and we’ll tell you, (once we’ve verified you’re not an evil robot trying to scrape our database or infect it with a virus of course).

The only other data we collect is anonymous analytics data i.e. what buttons you clicked, which pages you visited and how long you spent looking at them—things like that—and things like that don’t, won’t and can’t reveal your personal (or secret) identity to us. So rest easy, you can still be Bruce Wayne or Selina Kyle and we won’t know any different.

We sincerely hope we end up doing business with you, and before we do we will agree a scope, price and delivery date for the works and these will be subject to our standard terms and conditions of business unless otherwise explicitly agreed with you. Please ask for more detail if you would like to see a copy of these terms.